The Health Crisis Affecting America’s Youngest Generation

//The Health Crisis Affecting America’s Youngest Generation

In today’s world, depression and anxiety not only is being diagnosed in adults, but in a growing rate of America’s youngest generation of children through adolescents. Rates of depression and anxiety are growing in alarming rates among the young and have turned into an acute health crisis. According to an article posted on the Today Show titled Generation at risk: America’s youngest facing mental health crisis, “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in 5 American children ages 3 through 17- about 15 million- have diagnosed mental, emotional or behavioral disorders each year.”

The alarm comes by the fact that only 20 percent of these children are ever diagnosed and receive treatment. The other 80 percent- about 12 million- are not receiving any kind of treatment. This issue raises concern as suicide tendencies are rising in teenagers and youth in recent years as well.

Although depression and anxiety are difficult to prevent and are sometimes hereditary, diagnosing the problem at its early signs are very critical and can help prevent more difficulties later in life. Typical warning signs that parents should take notice of are as follows; moodiness or irritability for more than two (2) weeks, change in sleep patterns and the ability to socialize with peers. Many young people find it difficult to communicate about how they may be feeling, so taking recognition of early warning signs is very important.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or anxiety, do not be afraid to get help. There is always help available and you are worth living a happy healthy life both mentally, physically and spiritually.


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